Our School

Newborough Primary School is a vibrant and welcoming school that attracts students from Newborough and surrounds. The school was opened in 1949 and has a current enrolment of 133 students. We have a high quality-learning infrastructure and a broad teaching program that includes Physical Education, Art, Indonesian and The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.

Newborough Primary School is a School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) school and our school values of “Be Safe” “Be Respectful” and “Be a Learner” are embedded in all that we do at school. Our students learn to enact these values at school and in the local community. We are sure they will be model citizens in years to come.

In 2017, our school became a Lead School in the Respectful Relationships program. We have successfully implemented the program in the school, and provided extensive training to all staff.

Newborough Primary students know that to be successful learner they need to have a growth mindset and be prepared to enter the “learning pit”: true learning occurs after a struggle that can include failure or multiple failures. We celebrate our learning with exhibitions and individual and class based rewards.

Our school also has a well-developed student leadership program that includes School Captains, “Newbee” leaders and house leaders with activities occurring throughout the year that the students lead and organise.

Like other parts of the developed world, the Latrobe Valley is a community in transition so it is important that we prepare all of the learners for a changing world and an uncertain future. Consequently, along with literacy and numeracy, our school curriculum guarantees the teaching and learning of the following skills:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Using technology and media safely and effectively

In short, our goal is for our students to be motivated learners who value themselves and their community, and have the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will see them thrive in all their endeavours.

In 2018, the school’s professional development focus has been on maths for Terms 1 and 2, and Literacy in Terms 3 and 4, with literacy continuing into 2019. This includes professional learning teams for all classroom teachers led by our Leading Teacher.

In 2018/2019, the school will benefit from a new administration building, along with two classrooms, library and art room. This will provide a major physical change for the school,
with positive outcomes for the school community. It will be positioned along Murray Road and Durham Road, with the classrooms easily visible and accessible from the street.

If you would like to know more about our school’s unique and successful programs, contact us on 51271448.

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to the Newborough Primary School website. We hope the information included gives you a clear picture of how much we value student learning – both academic and social/emotional.

Our goal is for our students to be motivated learners who value themselves and their community and who develop the knowledge and skills to become successful and thrive in all of their life endeavours. We understand that all learners are different and require different support and instruction to achieve their goals.

Our school’s mission statement – ‘Knowing exactly what each child knows now and how to teach them what they need to learn next…’ – is there to remind all staff that we must start our instructional work with knowledge of the learner.

I’m proud of the work our students do at Newborough Primary School. On the one hand, they achieve significant learning growth each year in reading, mathematics, science and art, and on the other hand, they demonstrate a commitment to improving their community by participating in sustainability festivals, campaigns to eliminate family violence and some very inspiring musical performances.

The world is going to need confident and creative leaders in the future. I’m confident our students will be a part of making their world a better place in years to come.

Christine Robinson

Our New Facilities