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Newborough Primary School is a vibrant and welcoming school that attracts students from Newborough and surrounds. The school was opened in 1949 and has a current enrolment of 150 students. We have a high quality and high tech learning infrastructure and a broad teaching program that includes physical education, art, music, Indonesian and kitchen garden… Learn more

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Newborough Primary School
Newborough Primary School3 days ago
Class Dojo Student Logins
We are giving out Newbee tickets (Dojo points) to our parents when they sign in to Class Dojo - these will be awarded to your child's Newbee sheet at school once we return.

At some stage we will be sending out Logins for students for Class Dojo - so they don't need their own email from us.
Newborough Primary School
Newborough Primary School3 days ago
Hello everyone,
You will be getting an invite from your classroom teachers for Class Dojo. Please accept this, as this is now we are going to communicate with you and your child.
Please let me know if you need a hand with this.
Newborough Primary School
Newborough Primary School4 days ago
Contacting students daily
The update I received last night included the requirement that, if we go to remote and flexible learning, we are to make contact with each and every student in our class every day. This is to check in on how they are going emotionally and assist with any of the work that we have set.

We are looking at several methods of communication:
Class Dojo - which is an App and website where we can contact students and parents and they can message us. We will send information shortly about this.
Emails - using parent email addresses
Phone calls
I will contact you again later in the week for your preferred communication method.
Newborough Primary School
Newborough Primary School4 days ago
Good morning everyone,

Work Packs:
We are currently working on putting our normal lessons into easy to understand work packs for our students to do at home. We are not just grabbing worksheets off the Internet or putting together busy work, we are ensuring that we are continuing the work we have been doing in the classroom, slightly modified for doing at home.

Distribution of Work Packs:
On Tuesday 14th of April, which is the first day of next term (student free day) we will email out the work packs for each of the classrooms. We will have these packs available to be picked up on the first student day, Wednesday the 15th of April, from the school. The work pack will have work to be completed and returned on the 27th of April, we will then have the next week's work ready to be picked up. Please let me know if you prefer to print your own work pack off (instead of coming to collect one).

We will be available to assist you to work through these packs. We are not expecting you to become teachers over the school holidays.

Keep safe

Newborough Primary School
Newborough Primary School6 days ago
Due to the term finishing earlier than expected, our Easter raffle will be drawn when we return in term 2. If you still have tickets to return you can return them next term.
Thank you for your patience.